Consignor Work Shif ts



Earn More!

Earn Higher Percentages on Your Sold Items

  • Complete FOUR work shifts and receive 75% of your total sales and $15 of your consignor fee reimbursed.
  • Complete THREE work shifts and receive 70% of your total sales and $15 of your consignor fee reimbursed.
  • Complete TWO work shifts and receive 65% of your total sales and $15 of your consignor fee reimbursed.
  • Complete ONE work shift and $15 of your consignor fee will be reimbursed back into your consignor check.

Gain Early Entry at the Consignor Presale Entry is tiered based upon if/how many work shifts you complete. 


Important Notes

In an effort to be fair to all consignors, ONLY consignors and/or their spouse may work to earn higher percentages for the consignor. We do not allow other family members or friends to participate in the consignor’s spot.

Consignors: You may sign up for work shifts in your Consignor Portal. Shifts fill on a first come, first served basis. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes early and stay for your entire scheduled shift. Consignors who cancel, do not complete the entire work shift, or do not show up for their shift will be excluded from working at future sales and will not be credited for the additional consignor splits.

Children are not permitted to accompany you during your work shift.



Set-up shifts are great for anyone who is handy with tools or willing to do some heavy lifting. This will involve setting up the racks, shelving, tables, hanging banners, and getting the floor ready for consignor drop-offs.

Consignors! This is a great opportunity to get your husband involved! His work hours will count toward your added percentages and earlier shopping times!


Individuals during these shifts will have a lot of interaction with consignors as they drop their items off at the sale. These team members will make sure that the items that are being consigned are clean and in proper working order, they will be checking for stains, rips and holes in the clothing. They will ensure that clothing is hung and tagged properly. They will ensure that toys and equipment is in proper working order and they will be checking items for recalls.

Team members for these shifts will also be setting up the sales floor, putting inventory out, organizing sections of the sales floor, and transforming the space into an organized and shoppable event.

Individuals during these shifts must be have a keen eye for detail and quality, and they must be comfortable with giving consignors items back that did not meet the sale standards during inspection.


These individuals are vital to keeping the sales floor clean, organized, and in great shape for shoppers. They may be assigned to any number of roles, including Greeter, Merchandising and Organizing the Sales Floor, Cashier/Check-Out, Sorting, etc.

Individuals interested in these shifts will be the eyes and ears of our sale. They’ll be interacting with shoppers and they will need to have high energy, great customer service skills, and be engaging and excited to be at the event! 


This is the final step of the event and it involves sorting unsold items into piles for consignors and taking down all of the shelving, tables and fixtures and cleaning up the building that was used for the event. It also includes sorting all unsold items for consignors and charity partners.

This is another great opportunity for husbands to get involved!